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hco2010Spring is slowly taking over and along with it a new edition of HCO is closing in. This year we have a major change in the event and that would be the date. Some of you already know, some of you don't, but this year we have postponed HCO by one week so you are all invited to the Cerna Valley between the 7th and 9th of May.

The change of date has many advantages( HCO will not overlap with the annual Yoga meeting and thus you will find accomodation easely, the temperatures will be a little bit higher, etc.) but the main reason for it is the particiation of the Rock Pillars climbing team at the HCO. The team will be led by Tomas Mrazek, and will come directly from the Big Wall competition in Paklenica, Croatia.  The team will climb along with all the participants but they will not participate in the official ranking of the competition as they are invited by our main sponsor,  AlpinExpe  who is the official distributor  of  Rock Pillars in Romania.

We are awaiting all of you in Herculane to climb together , party together and start a new climbing season as usual in a proper fashion!

The CSA Team

How to get to the event :

Herculane is situated in the Cerna Valley in the South-West of Romania, near the Danube and the Yugoslavian border, and is an old Roman Spa with hot springs. The whole Cerna Valley is filled with limestone and offers a huge playground for climbers. There is lots of room for new routes, since only 15 % of the whole Valley is bolted untill now. There is a train-station in Herculane , and all trains stop in Herculane, even international ones. It is 170 km away from Timisoara , where you have an international airport. For further information , if you want to make the tripp send us an e-mail or give us a call.


1. "Herculane Climbing Open" is a sport climbing competition open to anyone, a club or association member or independent climber and who’s the minimum required knowledge, gear and a fair amount of common sense.

2. The competition extends over two days (7-8 May) and has a single task for each category.

3. Regardless of the competitors age the categories will be girls and boys (Open and  Masters).

4. Each climber within Open category will have to climb a number of approximatively 25 routes with heights between 10 and 35 meters.

5. Each climber within Masters category will have to climb a number of approximatively 5 routes, very difficult ones (>=7c), with heights between 10 and 35 meters.

6. The routes will be approached as “red-point” attempts, which is to say that each competitor can attempt any route during the two competition days as many times as they want, if the route is free and no other competitor is at that time climbing that route.

7. Each route will receive a number of points that will be divided at the end of the competition to the number of competitors who managed to climb that route. More details about the scoring system will be given before the start of the competition.

8. A route is considered to be climbed when the competitor has lead-climbed the route from the bottom to the top, during any attempt, without resting on gear and without taking falls (red-point).

9. The referees will supervise the unfolding of the competition, will keep track of the score and will climb routes demonstratively if necessary.

10. The organizers offer the routes equipped with quickdraws. All other equipment (climbing shoes, chalkbag, harness, rope) is the responsibility of each competitor. The organizers do not offer belayers; it is the responsibility of each competitor to find someone to belay him/her among the competitors or among other persons who possess the skill and technique of belaying and to make sure that the belayer has the required skills and knowledge.

11. The organizers take the right to cancel the participation of any competitor who does not follow the competition rules and who does not show common sense and fair-play.

12. The organizers do not take responsibility for accidents that occur from using improper or bad equipment by the competitors or from not knowing the right usage technique for certain devices, including any cause whatsoever that is not under the control of the organizers. Hence, the organizers recommend using UIAA certified devices and equipment and possession of a medical insurance.For climbing all routes a 60m rope is mandatory and please tie a knot at the loose end of the rope.Using a helmet is also recommended !

13. The time periods in which the competition will take place, for the two competition days, as well as other changes in the present regulations will be brought to your attention before the beginning of the competition.

Dodatne informacije: http://serbianclimbing.com/penjalista/baile-herculane


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