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logo-stenaThe most important question, that everybody should question themselves is: What do I really want out of my life? The answer to this question should meet higher goal and perspective than “A lots of money, beautiful girls, Kawasaki motorbike and whiskey-cola” or “I would like to be just like Arnold Schwarzenegger” or some similar answers. What is your life goal, the essence of your life, the final meaning? What does make a man to keep one’s path, to progress and to deal with oneself? All those who know the answer to this question are really lucky and happy to stream to their goals without any chance to be stopped. All the others who don’t know the answer, unfortunately, are usually overrun by the wheels of the time or destiny, and are as well quite often lost between their desires and possibilities, trying everything while they finally find themselves… or not… 

Most of people start with some kind of self-investigating and searching of their own in early childhood, most commonly in field of sport. Everybody has had chance to hear, at least once, somewhere, the questions as following: “Mum, mum, my friend practice football; I would like to try too?” or “daddy, daddy, there’s some muscular guy on TV; I want to be just like him, and to kill people with hayfork and circular saw” or “grandma, grandma, I would like to be like Jacky Chen” and so on. The right choice of the sport activity that fits us the best is not that simple at all. Football, volleyball, tennis, water polo, baseball, boxing, basketball, handball, bodybuilding, gymnastic, free running, orienteering… and why not – sport climbing.

Sport climbing has sneaked into our houses already, just like a burglar covered by the darkness of the night. Everybody can testify more and more tales and stories about sport climbing: “The best sport ever…” or “That’s next Olympic sport number one…” or “Strikes of adrenalin…” or “It’s freedom, it’s nature…” or “Look at those sexy sculpted bodies…” or “Check that grace…”. Observing the professional sport climber is no less than enjoying the professional ballet play, without any overstatement. Bearing in mind that this sport is still booming, it’s quite difficult to make the right decision and chose the best climbing organization to join with and start climbing.

Climbing Tribe was established out of the one very simple reason; actually, two very simple reasons: To unite most of Serbian old school hard core climbers and to help and support sport climbing as a sport and the sport at all, as well to make the organization of the training program more simply; But, before all other reasons, to introduce sport climbing to people and new participants. Yap, you are right, there are more than only two reasons, so? Well, because of presented, we at the sport climbing club Climbing Tribe promise to give our very the best to provide everyone who join us with the maximum of support, helping one to gain the best results – to improve oneself.


phone: +381 63 744 2115 
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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